Branding & Web design provides information and services to the Dominican diaspora as well as those residing in Dominica.


Having previously existed as since August 2015, the owners wanted a way to completely overhaul and transform a site which primarily raised donations into a more all-encompassing website, without the loss of the site's history. was able to successfully change all domains, email addresses, contents, functionality, components and payments while the site was still live, without affecting live site.


This was careful and diligent work which required a high number of re-configuration with each component, forms, google analytics and all external third party integrations. commissioned the new logo, redesigned the twitter and facebook page as well as re-integration of usernames, passwords and new social media handles, without the loss of important and valuable membership.


Finally, what you see today could easily have been a brand new website built from scratch. Instead, retained all the history and membership of an existing website to bring to you something wholly and completely new and fresh.

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